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Dream Turf Synthetic Lawn Installation Steps

Our professionals will install your lawn using environmentally friendly materials to give you beautiful, long-lasting grass.

Step 1: We excavate the lawn area removing grass and soil.
Step 2: Drainage work is performed if needed.
Step 3: We grade and contour the ground for the lawn base.
Step 4: Geotextile fabric is installed to separate dirt and gravel to drain properly.
Step 5: Permeable gravel base is applied and leveled for the lawn surface. Then the area is compacted with a plate compactor.
Step 6: Optional Snap Edge border is installed around garden beds.
Step 7: Turf layout is determined prior to cutting turf.
Step 8: Turf panels are cut and grain needs to all lay in one direction.
Step 9: Turf is seamed and anchored. Three stitch rows are eliminated from each panel to help disguise the seams.
Step 10: Infill and power broom to give the lawn a natural look.
Step 11: Final dress, clean up and inspection.

The resulting lawn looks and feels so natural that people won't believe it! All you'll need is a leaf blower and a rake!